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Since basically every blog in the blogiverse seems to be dying off, I am going to fight to keep this here going.

Bye, bye Rebellin.  So long Schumacher.  I wonder if he’ll keep protesting his innocence.  At some point, you really gotta question the intelligence of these guys.  Kloeden could be on the way out too.  Are they ever going to make a decision on Valverde? 

Anyway, that’s enough hating.  I’ve not been one to defend them, but I am glad that Asstana Mellow Johnny’s got into the Gila.  For BMC not to be able to put a team in makes no sense.  You know they’re bike racers, they should be able to race bikes.

Antelope Island on tap for me this weekend.  I’ve had pretty good luck the last couple times out there, but we’ll see how the change in course and my fitness play out. 

If anyone didn’t hear, Chase won Emmet-Roubaix on Sunday.  Kristin Armstrong was 2nd.  In the men’s race.  That’s hot.

In unbike news, my girls seem to be getting over their colds finally.  Kelly and Jeff have been struck down, however.  We’ll see if my immune system can overcome the odds and keep me upright.  I’ve been napping between 8 and 9 o’clock everynight and going to bed an hour or two later, so that’s gotta help, right? 

On that note, the Jeff will be going back for summertime in the LBC on Friday.  I’ll miss having another guy around.  It’s nice having someone who enjoys crude humor as much as I do in the house.

I never mentioned anything, but last Friday Kelly’s sister-in-law had their baby. I had Friday off from work, so I watched the girls and Kelly spent the day in the hospital with them.  I was bummed to miss the CA trip, but really the timing worked out to perfection.  Good job, kid.

Good luck to all the homeboys racing Gila (or anywhere else) this week.


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