Let the War of Words Begin

Not really.

The “Utah Cycling Tabloid” is out for the week.  Apparently, there is a rumor that this is my doing.  This is not the case.  Although it would have been pretty sneaky to make a fake post here announcing the site, and throw everyone off the trail by saying how weak the “tabloid” is, that’s not the way it shook down.

I can also see how you would think it is me, given that they are constantly stealing my material.  Not that I have copyrights to jokes on how good looking Gardie is, Ms. I-da-ho, or especially Boonen’s coke habit, but you know, I already do that here, so why would I start a site to do the same thing?

Also, if you have noticed I tend to bone out as soon as a race is finished, so I would never have the dirt on any of the other categories. 

So long story short, if I were going to do a site such as theirs, it would be much more funny, but I won’t because I hate anonymousness.  Plus I am too nice a guy to really make fun of people I don’t know that well.  I am sensitive like that.

Keep it up all the same.  Gives me something to talk about here.


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