Garden Creek Gapped

Probably not my most stellar day on the bike, but I had my own small victory. 

Lots of crashes, which is odd.

Not the most stellar day for the team either.  Ben came through in 5th.  A Bob’s guy won, I think maybe Eric.  They were still in their kit when I finished, which is better than not!  I know a couple years ago I would have quit after getting dropped, so to keep trying was good.  I was in a good group and it was actually kind of fun.  As much fun as being out the wahoozie can be.  Taking the entire day away from the family, and then quitting would have really sucked, plus I needed the hard time on the bike.  If I am going to get over any kind of decent hill, I need to ride up some and the races are pretty much the only time I have to do so.

What’s interesting with age is that I can enjoy even a complete suck day at the races.  I can laugh at myself and it just makes the good days more special.

On the other hand, there is nothing physiologically about me that prevents me from going uphill well.  I would even say it was a strength in younger days.  Of course, I trained 3x as much then!  I’m pretty sure those days are long gone, but I would like to get back to being a little more well rounded.  And I don’t mean fatter.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  In addition to the copious amounts of cow pies on the road, a rock flew up from someone’s wheel and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth.

Oh yeah some more, big thanks to the Kriegs for putting on a great event.

Anyway, full tilt daddy day today.  Maybe I can pull the rikshaw for a bit though.


Wake Up!


2nd thought, maybe it’s best to let sleeping cats die or something.

Anyway, my buddy sent me this photo as well as some guys posing with the cat .  Seriously, even dead, I could not get that close to this thing.  I will admit to being a big giant pansy when it comes to such things.

I don’t even like chickens.  Seriously, I avoid them like the plague.  Which they carry.

This post seems to be going nowhere. 

After much deliberation, I am headed out to the Gap tomorrow.  After last weekends suck fest, I am pretty unsure of the form, but I figure a tough day out can only help.  The next weekend I am taking off to catch up on the crap I have put on hold lately.  Plenty o’ housework to be done!

In Praise of Officials

I took note that bike race officials took a good slagging over the weekend on our local weblogs, and yeah, I linked to Fox.  Like I said, we need characters.  But we also need officials and that’s not something I take lightly.  I gotta think standing around in the cold, heat, wind, rain, and snow for little pay and to get yelled at or disrespected online requires thicker skin than most people have.  No, I have not always agreed with the calls, but I do believe that most people in this position are “doing it for the love” and are making the best calls they can, and I thank them for their willingness to do so.

Morgan Takes a Dive

On the way back from the Jordanelle Crit (seriously, don’t ask) we got a call from Kelly’s grandfolks who were passing through town on a crosscountry road trip, so we stopped at Kelly’s brothers house to visit.  The girls love to play at Matt and Carrie’s house.  Unfortunately, Morgan got a little too amped and tripped and went head first into the couch, taking a nice deep cut on the forehead right in her hairline.  It was bleeding pretty good.  Unfortunately, we knew it would need stitches as we’d been through pretty much the exact same thing with Haley, except that time it was at Grandma’s.  So, anyway, Morgan was okay pretty quickly.  Not so much Kelly quite nearly fainted at the site of blood.  She’ll probably kick my ass for including this.  Anyway, we hightailed it to the ER, got her frankenkidded up, and called it a night.  Morgan did great in the ER, only crying when they injected the numbing solution, which from my experience, is generally the worst part.



I don’t know what the story was.  I was fine before the start and then my head started pounding about 15 minutes in.  I got dizzy and nearly pulled the pin.  Luckily, Chase made a solid move and wound up 2nd to Darren Lill.  I came around a little  bit in the last 15 minutes as the gap was dropping mostly due to C-Hoff and Ben King, who seem to have made some sort of unholy Edge sponsored guys alliance.  I come up 9th w/ Sleevie 7th.  I was in a bad state after.  I managed to drive home, but Kelly had to do everything when we got home as I sat on the couch comatose for awhile.  A sincere thanks as I know she had to be wiped out after chasing the girls around all afternoon.  I don’t know if it was a migraine or what, but not only was my head killing (still hurts a bit now), but I felt like I was going to harf, which I luckily avoided.  I didn’t eat anything for about six hours after, so we’ll see what affect that has on the Michael Jordanelle Crit this evening.

In other news, Fox was there handing out $1’s, and a few guys got deeked for taking them.  I do think it was kinda dumb, I mean in a cross race when you are going 15 mph (or 7.5 in my case), it’s one thing, but at 35mph in a group of 50 guys… all it takes is one nimrod to see green and cross a front wheel and take down 15 guys.  That said, dqing a bike racer for taking free money is ri. dic. u. lous.  A warning would have been far more appropriate, in my eyes.  In any case, you may (or may not) want to click through because as always, he has some interesting thoughts on the topic.  Bike racing needs characters, and he is definitely a character.

Our guys are stomping up in Boise, as well.  Dustin was 4th and Kurt, in his 1st race back from a broken collarbone, was 6th in the opening stage at Treasure Valley.  Dustin WON the afternoon TT, and Kurt was 5th.  YEEEEAAAHH!!  Thinking good thoughts for those guys to finish it off well.

It Didn’t Start Out as a Manifesto…

Pretty amped for a four day weekend starting in 7 h 39 min.

On tap, Sugarmama “Crit” and the new Jordanelle Crit.  Sugarmama was one of the first races I won after moving to Utah and there is a sweet pic of the finish.  I just found it, but it’s copyrighted and while “all pictures of me become property of me“, I can’t hijack it.  Anyway, so I don’t sound too cocky (imagine that), I’ve ridden the race every year since and that was the only time I’ve ridden well!

I am pulling for one of the other dreamers to pull out a V. 

On that note, I hear the rumblings about our team and “development” and people questioning me winning races.  Yeah, I’ll go ahead and address that now.  As long as I am suiting up and capable, I will be a part of our team plan.  I do have strengths that benefit the team, and I will continue to use them.  However, the team is not about me.  We will have someone that came through our team racing at the pro tour level in a few years and it’s not going to be me!  To those who continue to doubt my sincerity, please continue.  It’s only fuel for the fire.  To those who question how I am doing things, please start your own team and do it your way.  I mean it, I would love to see 5 teams locally based around the idea of pro development.  How good would our scene be if we had that?

Final thought: how’s this for intensity? 


RIP Steve Larsen

Live every day with a purpose, friends.

Bear Lake Weekend

How to make this brief?  Not gonna happen.  Friday night was a 3.4 mile uphill TT.  Blitz-Krieg won, Chase was 2nd, Ben King from Fly V P-R-O was 3rd, and our Ben was 4th.  I don’t know any of the other places, but that’s a good start.

We stayed at the Inn where the TT started.  It was kind of bed and breakfast-y.  The odd part is that we were the only ones staying there.  I mean, it was completely empty! 

We brought two new teammates (Tyler Riediesel (sp?) and Kurt Wolfgang) onto the team.  After hanging out for the weekend, and racing with Tyler (Kurt can’t race yet, as he broke his collarbone a few weeks back), I think they are going to be a great fit and I am stoked to have them with us.

Saturday was the road race- 106 miles, which is umm, a really long bike ride for me.  2 laps around the lake.  Lots of crazy attacking for the first ten miles or so.  Finally, the Hardwood got a gap and the field stopped racing.  Wow, big ups to that guy.  Long day for sure.  He stuck it for about 60 miles all by his lonesome, and we weren’t creeping.  Anyway, for those that have been there, we caught him on the rollers on the backside and it was clear that “the” break would go pretty soon.  I managed to make this group when it went, let’s see if I can remember who all was there- Sam “Blitz” Krieg, Ben King, Nate Page, Erik Flynn, Mike Sohm, Cameron Hoffman, Todd Hageman.  Pretty much an all-star cast with basically every team represented and no team having more than one guy.  Everyone must have been pretty stoked on the situation, as we fairly drilled it the last 25 miles-ish.  There was a flurry of attacks in the last 3k, notably the Krieg, and the Page.  I felt pretty good, but all the jumps made things difficult.  In any case, I managed to win the sprint. 

This race is really special to me, and all my ex-teammates from 2004 and hopefully some others remember why, so the point is, it really meant quite a bit to me.  I mean, it always means a lot to me to manage to win a bike race, but this one is for AB!  And I’ll leave it at that.

Today we did the TTT.  52 miles on the TT bike.  Wow, my junk is not loving that idea.  We had a good ride.  Unfortunately, Dustin flatted just before the halfway point.  We wound up 3rd.  I think we’d have been pretty close had we not lost Dustin, but I guess we’ll never know.

In any case, it was a great event.  This is definitely a favorite that I look forward to every year.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to bring my family with (which I know is not always easy on Kelly), see this team develop, and still race competitively myself.  Thanks to everyone involved in the race, promoters, officials, volunteers and all the competitors- even if you rip into me with anonymous comments on some other blog, I still think it is rad that everyone is out doing it.

Wow, this is a really positive post.  Bare with me, I’m sure I’ll get back to my usual whiny self soon enough.


How could I forget to mention that Chase went home after the road race to go to prom and got up and drove back again (like 2.5 hours each way) for the TTT Sunday morning.  On that note, I took out my first racing license before Chase was born.  What the?  I don’t feel old!

Also, the Sleevie managed to flat in the potholes of death section both laps of the road race.

A Little More Hate for the Road

From my favorite Facebook buddy:

Please take me off the mailing list for these press releases.
I do respect you and your sense of humor and purpose and dedication.
But, I just don’t care about a second place finish in the Cat IV Mormom Multiple Wife Celebration Hampster Race.
Or for that matter first place in a Cat II Race. Happens here every weekend.

Quit the group and you will magically be taken off the list.

I never signed up for any group.

I am just a cranky old man whose computer was crashed this week by a Face Book Message.

Please take me off your mailing list.

Most likely I sent you the Group Invite and you just clicked yes, because you are (or were) in fact, a member of the group. There’s no other way for you to become a member of the group. In any case, I went in and deleted you from the group, so problem solved.


Love it!  I guess that will be the end of the saga.  To my nameless friend, who shall never see this, I salute you!

Off to Bear Lake for more hot biking action.  Hopefully we’ll see some cat. 4, polygamist, hamsters.  I am all about that.