More Ma-Gila Guerillas

So I have been giving up to my boys for killing it at the Cat. 2 race in Gila.  I should also point out there’s some new Utah Cat. 1’s going, “wow, pro racing is hard!”.  3x weiner T-Bird is sitting 5th.  Hopefully he can pull some of the old magic out on the Gila Monster and show Mellow Johnny what’s what.  Probably the most remarkable thing to me thus far has been (and I don’t know this chick at all), Alicia Welsh running 3rd on the first stage in her first ever pro race.   I like to think I have some natural ability, but that is ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “More Ma-Gila Guerillas

  1. “that is ridiculous”–what the cat 4 women were saying last year while Alisha was riding away from them.

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