Rock the Vote

Our illiterate friends are at it again.  Go vote on the state crit chumpionships at the utah biking tabloid blog.  I gotta tell ya guys, it’s going to have to go pretty bad for me to hit the bottle (whiner, winer, weiner, winner).  On that note, I think Sleevie is maybe going better than me right now, so I’m writing him in.  Or maybe, I am just being coy and am really on epic crit form right now, just waiting to show the world.  Why is our state titles the first crit we do, anyway?  I realize it was the same thing last year, and I managed to get ‘er done, but it doesn’t really add up.  Whatever, I am just glad to have a crit to race.  Back to the vote,  how do you not put C-Hoff in the running for this?  Honestly.

Back to work.


One thought on “Rock the Vote

  1. because he has alienated everyone in utah cycling to the point that he has no teammates that can either 1) chase down a break without him in it or 2) lead him out. He has shown that without a really really fast lead out, from a sprinter that is faster than him, he can’t get the vee…meaning someone has to blow their wad and then brake for him to win. Just sayin…

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