Thanks for Letting Me Know!

Apparently, there is a new training crit at UVU… like 4 miles from my house.  It started last night.  I heard rumblings of such a thing sometime ago, but never saw any evidence that it was happening until about an hour from the start.  I like to think I am reasonably plugged into what’s happening in utah cycling, so I gotta say they are not doing a very good job getting the word out!  I could have used some speedwork ahead of the crit titles this weekend.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Although, the reality is I’d have to leave work early to make it happen anyway, which means the lunch ride would be compromised.  Plus, I’d miss Survivor, but that show sucks without Tyson anyway.

Anyway, this post represents a sharp drop in blogging form, but hopefully that picks up as we are looking at some pretty hot racing action the next few weeks.  So amped.


10 thoughts on “Thanks for Letting Me Know!

  1. Maybe the event organizers intentionally left you out of the loop to ensure you didn’t dominate the series from start to finish. I mean, you are the reigning (and soon to repeat) Utah State Criterium Champion. Yes, that is my prediction.

    Hey, speaking of that, have you given any thought to signing and framing your 2008 jersey and auctioning it off on your blog as a means of raising $ for your 12k Dreamers team? If not I suggest you think about it. Of course, the proceeds could put you over the limit and force a name change to 12.1k Dreamers but still, something to consider.

    Good luck this weekend.

  2. I am certain that would net us at least an extra $3. Give or take $3… Assuming you write off the cost of framing it.

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