Kids Say the Darndest Things…

So, I pretty much let Kelly take over all the family stuff once she got into the blogging world.  As has been noted by so many of you (thanks, guys!) she is way better at it than me.  For that matter, she is way better at most things than I.  Anyway, Kelly, her mom, and the girls went and looked at some homes yesterday.  No, we are not moving.  At least not today.  What with the slow economy, it’s a good time to look all the same.  So, I ask Haley before bed last night,

 “Do you want to move to a new house, or do you want to stay here?”

And she replies,

“This is house is cute, but I was something bigger.”

Wonder where she learned that?

6 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things…

  1. Are you looking in SL County or just northern UT County? Personally I’d try to get as close to work as possible. Moving from Payson to Riverton seemed like a huge improvement in my commute (and it was…) but now that I’ve been here a while I wish we were even closer to downtown SLC.

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