A Little More Hate for the Road

From my favorite Facebook buddy:

Please take me off the mailing list for these press releases.
I do respect you and your sense of humor and purpose and dedication.
But, I just don’t care about a second place finish in the Cat IV Mormom Multiple Wife Celebration Hampster Race.
Or for that matter first place in a Cat II Race. Happens here every weekend.

Quit the group and you will magically be taken off the list.

I never signed up for any group.

I am just a cranky old man whose computer was crashed this week by a Face Book Message.

Please take me off your mailing list.

Most likely I sent you the Group Invite and you just clicked yes, because you are (or were) in fact, a member of the group. There’s no other way for you to become a member of the group. In any case, I went in and deleted you from the group, so problem solved.


Love it!  I guess that will be the end of the saga.  To my nameless friend, who shall never see this, I salute you!

Off to Bear Lake for more hot biking action.  Hopefully we’ll see some cat. 4, polygamist, hamsters.  I am all about that.


8 thoughts on “A Little More Hate for the Road

  1. Since I know who this is, and since I also know what a stickler he is for proper grammar, spelling, etc., I find it highly amusing that he mispelled “mormon” and “hamster.”

    If he read this he’d probably nail me to the wall for excessive comma-splices, or for hyphenating “comma splice.” Whoops, there’s another comma splice!

  2. yeah…read his latest entry on truesport and pick out the grammer and speeling errors…pretty funy coming from him.

  3. this feels like Eric Moore to me..is he cross with you? well worded.

    Anonymous said…
    join a “team” get team bike and clothes: $4k

    Hours a weeks spent training to be weekend warrior: 20

    Having your “Director” pull you from the race to watch your team mate not win on your bike: Priceless

    May 15, 2009 3:05 PM

  4. Are they, Turbo? I mean, we certainly all have a right to them but that doesn’t make them all valid.

    Don’t make me drop some of that philosomaphy I lernt at Marian College on ya…

  5. Regardless of people who don’t like you (mamma always said there’d be one in every bunch), I think you’re fairly hip, and most importantly, congrats on the victory up at the Lake of Bear. Now if only your 5 man team can beat my 3-man team record with Bryson and Nate…best of luck, I know you can do it. I’m betting you will. Drop a text or call, when you can.

  6. Okay, all opinions are not valid, but unless they really offend my dainty sensibilities, I’ll post them.

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