Bear Lake Weekend

How to make this brief?  Not gonna happen.  Friday night was a 3.4 mile uphill TT.  Blitz-Krieg won, Chase was 2nd, Ben King from Fly V P-R-O was 3rd, and our Ben was 4th.  I don’t know any of the other places, but that’s a good start.

We stayed at the Inn where the TT started.  It was kind of bed and breakfast-y.  The odd part is that we were the only ones staying there.  I mean, it was completely empty! 

We brought two new teammates (Tyler Riediesel (sp?) and Kurt Wolfgang) onto the team.  After hanging out for the weekend, and racing with Tyler (Kurt can’t race yet, as he broke his collarbone a few weeks back), I think they are going to be a great fit and I am stoked to have them with us.

Saturday was the road race- 106 miles, which is umm, a really long bike ride for me.  2 laps around the lake.  Lots of crazy attacking for the first ten miles or so.  Finally, the Hardwood got a gap and the field stopped racing.  Wow, big ups to that guy.  Long day for sure.  He stuck it for about 60 miles all by his lonesome, and we weren’t creeping.  Anyway, for those that have been there, we caught him on the rollers on the backside and it was clear that “the” break would go pretty soon.  I managed to make this group when it went, let’s see if I can remember who all was there- Sam “Blitz” Krieg, Ben King, Nate Page, Erik Flynn, Mike Sohm, Cameron Hoffman, Todd Hageman.  Pretty much an all-star cast with basically every team represented and no team having more than one guy.  Everyone must have been pretty stoked on the situation, as we fairly drilled it the last 25 miles-ish.  There was a flurry of attacks in the last 3k, notably the Krieg, and the Page.  I felt pretty good, but all the jumps made things difficult.  In any case, I managed to win the sprint. 

This race is really special to me, and all my ex-teammates from 2004 and hopefully some others remember why, so the point is, it really meant quite a bit to me.  I mean, it always means a lot to me to manage to win a bike race, but this one is for AB!  And I’ll leave it at that.

Today we did the TTT.  52 miles on the TT bike.  Wow, my junk is not loving that idea.  We had a good ride.  Unfortunately, Dustin flatted just before the halfway point.  We wound up 3rd.  I think we’d have been pretty close had we not lost Dustin, but I guess we’ll never know.

In any case, it was a great event.  This is definitely a favorite that I look forward to every year.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to bring my family with (which I know is not always easy on Kelly), see this team develop, and still race competitively myself.  Thanks to everyone involved in the race, promoters, officials, volunteers and all the competitors- even if you rip into me with anonymous comments on some other blog, I still think it is rad that everyone is out doing it.

Wow, this is a really positive post.  Bare with me, I’m sure I’ll get back to my usual whiny self soon enough.


How could I forget to mention that Chase went home after the road race to go to prom and got up and drove back again (like 2.5 hours each way) for the TTT Sunday morning.  On that note, I took out my first racing license before Chase was born.  What the?  I don’t feel old!

Also, the Sleevie managed to flat in the potholes of death section both laps of the road race.


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