I don’t know what the story was.  I was fine before the start and then my head started pounding about 15 minutes in.  I got dizzy and nearly pulled the pin.  Luckily, Chase made a solid move and wound up 2nd to Darren Lill.  I came around a little  bit in the last 15 minutes as the gap was dropping mostly due to C-Hoff and Ben King, who seem to have made some sort of unholy Edge sponsored guys alliance.  I come up 9th w/ Sleevie 7th.  I was in a bad state after.  I managed to drive home, but Kelly had to do everything when we got home as I sat on the couch comatose for awhile.  A sincere thanks as I know she had to be wiped out after chasing the girls around all afternoon.  I don’t know if it was a migraine or what, but not only was my head killing (still hurts a bit now), but I felt like I was going to harf, which I luckily avoided.  I didn’t eat anything for about six hours after, so we’ll see what affect that has on the Michael Jordanelle Crit this evening.

In other news, Fox was there handing out $1’s, and a few guys got deeked for taking them.  I do think it was kinda dumb, I mean in a cross race when you are going 15 mph (or 7.5 in my case), it’s one thing, but at 35mph in a group of 50 guys… all it takes is one nimrod to see green and cross a front wheel and take down 15 guys.  That said, dqing a bike racer for taking free money is ri. dic. u. lous.  A warning would have been far more appropriate, in my eyes.  In any case, you may (or may not) want to click through because as always, he has some interesting thoughts on the topic.  Bike racing needs characters, and he is definitely a character.

Our guys are stomping up in Boise, as well.  Dustin was 4th and Kurt, in his 1st race back from a broken collarbone, was 6th in the opening stage at Treasure Valley.  Dustin WON the afternoon TT, and Kurt was 5th.  YEEEEAAAHH!!  Thinking good thoughts for those guys to finish it off well.


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