Morgan Takes a Dive

On the way back from the Jordanelle Crit (seriously, don’t ask) we got a call from Kelly’s grandfolks who were passing through town on a crosscountry road trip, so we stopped at Kelly’s brothers house to visit.  The girls love to play at Matt and Carrie’s house.  Unfortunately, Morgan got a little too amped and tripped and went head first into the couch, taking a nice deep cut on the forehead right in her hairline.  It was bleeding pretty good.  Unfortunately, we knew it would need stitches as we’d been through pretty much the exact same thing with Haley, except that time it was at Grandma’s.  So, anyway, Morgan was okay pretty quickly.  Not so much Kelly quite nearly fainted at the site of blood.  She’ll probably kick my ass for including this.  Anyway, we hightailed it to the ER, got her frankenkidded up, and called it a night.  Morgan did great in the ER, only crying when they injected the numbing solution, which from my experience, is generally the worst part.



3 thoughts on “Morgan Takes a Dive

  1. Thanks, hombre. I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the holiday a bit and thanks for all your advice!

  2. Watching your kids get hurt is one of the worst things in the world. They always seem to handle it better than we do.

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