Garden Creek Gapped

Probably not my most stellar day on the bike, but I had my own small victory. 

Lots of crashes, which is odd.

Not the most stellar day for the team either.  Ben came through in 5th.  A Bob’s guy won, I think maybe Eric.  They were still in their kit when I finished, which is better than not!  I know a couple years ago I would have quit after getting dropped, so to keep trying was good.  I was in a good group and it was actually kind of fun.  As much fun as being out the wahoozie can be.  Taking the entire day away from the family, and then quitting would have really sucked, plus I needed the hard time on the bike.  If I am going to get over any kind of decent hill, I need to ride up some and the races are pretty much the only time I have to do so.

What’s interesting with age is that I can enjoy even a complete suck day at the races.  I can laugh at myself and it just makes the good days more special.

On the other hand, there is nothing physiologically about me that prevents me from going uphill well.  I would even say it was a strength in younger days.  Of course, I trained 3x as much then!  I’m pretty sure those days are long gone, but I would like to get back to being a little more well rounded.  And I don’t mean fatter.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  In addition to the copious amounts of cow pies on the road, a rock flew up from someone’s wheel and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth.

Oh yeah some more, big thanks to the Kriegs for putting on a great event.

Anyway, full tilt daddy day today.  Maybe I can pull the rikshaw for a bit though.


11 thoughts on “Garden Creek Gapped

  1. damn it, you pulled your links again. I use those to navigate around the Utah and cycling blog world…now I’m lost, in pergatory…I feel like I’m being punished.

  2. Purgatory.
    Yeah, I am maybe a little over internet gossip, for today anyway. They’ll probably come back one at a time.
    PS- You are being punished. Conspiracy. Sorry.

  3. dood i don’t even know some of those guys by name…how am i supposed to keep up on all the morman-land gossip

  4. oh yeah…that was an “anonymous blog ripper” shot…the artist formerly known as The Rev…couldn’t remember how he refered to utah racers, didn’t want to be bothered with clicking BACK on my browser…

  5. Next time say cat. 4 multiple wive celebration hamster race and I’ll know where you are coming from.

  6. FWIW, he was referring to another “Rev”. And he was not referring to L’Autobus or Rev Run, either.

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