Another Year Down

Feeling older faster.  Or feeling older, faster.  In any case, happy birthday to me.  I am making a new year’s resolution (?) right now to do “something awesome” every day this year. 

Oh yeah, and unlike last year where I claimed all day to be turning 29, I am fully down with being 32 all year this year. 

This did not prevent me from fooling J-Rad (I can’t even link you anymore, mang) that I am 27 today.   Yeah, he bought it for a minute there. 

Today should be easy, but if anyone has any ideas for awesomelinesses for the remainder of the year (or even for today), comment away.


5 thoughts on “Another Year Down

  1. I *so* know what you are talking about. T-minus 13 days until I’m a *real* master. Then I can move to SoCal and go pro, right?

  2. Happy birthday again. Enjoy your 30-34 years, cause at 35+ you start to feel old. As for something awesome for today?

    Look at the mountains and realize how lucky you are.

    ok, back to work.

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