Birthday Awesomeness

Kelly and the girls went all in (or all out) for my birthday.  There was a big sign on the door when I got home, Kelly made homemade tacos- in one of the cruel ironies of the world, she hates making them and I love eating them, and as seen above (maybe, I’m having troubs with the pics) they made brownies- note the broken and/or leaning candles.  There is promise of a cake for the weekend as well.  I gotta say it was awfully nice to come home to!

My personal awesomeness of the day ocurred on the lunch ride when I got nailed by a thunderstorm.  This may not sound superific, but it was an east coast style warm rain, which we never get and while I wouldn’t want to do it everyday, it felt pretty good, like a  little breath of life in otherwise mundane 9-5 (or 7:30-5:30, as the case may be).  I probably won’t let you in on the awesomeness everyday because I don’t want someone calling the fuzz when I skinny dip in the Provo river or jay walk or something.  PS-  I put the skinny in skinny dip, baby.

My personal gift to myself will be finally tagging the Alpine Loop.  This will probably be the latest I have gotten up there since we moved here, which is sad.  Gotta rectify that situation.  I’m skipping the state teet in favor of house projects, or to put it another way I’D RATHER WATCH PAINT DRY THAN RIDE A TT.  Not really, I am mildly amused by TT’s, but schtuff has to get done.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Awesomeness

  1. Skinny dipping?

    *That night* in the ladies dorm in college didn’t cure you of your nudist tendencies?

    Now that would make for a classic blog post.

  2. See and I thought you were going to reference the time we got busted in the pool after hours and the campus copper thought Declan was making up his name.

  3. TOTALLY hit the nail on the head with the warm east coast rain. Better than I could have put it – people here think I’m nuts when June/July/August comes around and I head out at lunch super psyched and chipper when water starts to fall.

    Actually, I always remember particularly enjoying riding out in the rain with you – not too many people get that.

    Happy birthday again, and THANK GOD I didn’t have to go to college with you, evidently.

  4. Holy crapoli, KT is 40!? Time truly flies! All downhill from here, but I always enjoyed the downhills, right?

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