Yesterday’s Bit’O Rad- UVU Parking Lot Crit

Yeah, so I finally made it out to the UVU crit yesterday, which is just sad as it’s like 4 miles from my house.  I skipped lunch (the ride, not the meal, silly) so I could leave half an hour early and still barely made it in time.  In fact, I didn’t as they held up the start for me.  It was a tiny group for the combined A/B race,  but it’s awesome that they are doing this.  I stayed for the start of the C’s and they had like 30 some-odd line up, so that’s encouraging.

Today is my day off (every other Friday, purportedly), but I am going in a for awhile, as there’s only one guy in the sales group there and he just started.  We have a meeting and I thought it would be good for me to be there, and I’ll probably hang around a bit to answer some calls.   Might not be such a big deal if it weren’t for the 45 minute commute.  Ce la vie.  Say the old folks.  We have house hunting plans for the afternoon, so we’ll see.  It’s going to be a struggle to get my personal awesome on.

We are going to look at this one house that is like 6,000 sq ft.  Bank owned and it’s been reduced like 130k.  I never thought I would live in a McMansion (it’s really not THAT big), but at that price…It would be nice to be able to host a team camp out of the house (or Thanksgiving!).  Plus, they got all the meth residue out.  Not really, there’s some foundation damage, which is more than a little disconcerting amongst other issues.  We have a couple others in the Highland, Alpine area to look at too, which would get me a bit closer to work.  And far closer to trails, and American Fork Canyon, which would make my personal quest for bitchin-ness (thanks, AH!!!!) that much easier.


6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Bit’O Rad- UVU Parking Lot Crit

  1. I was sitting here wondering how being closer to killer riding would make you more bitchy (like that’s even possible), and then I realized you meant “bitchin-ness.”

    We need a certain semi-anonymous FB critic and gammar-nazi to decide which made-up word is more appropriate: “bitchiness” or “bitchin-ness.”

  2. The snow fug is always welcome.
    AH, yeah if there’s one thing I am looking for, it’s more anonymous toolbelts on the internet.

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