Random Email

This just showed up in my inbox:

Hello Ryan, Hope you are well. My name is José and I’m a collector of cycling photos from Spain. As far as I know you were a professional in 1995, I should like to know which was your team or sponsor and if you can provide me with a picture of yours from then. I know it’s much time ago but maybe there’s a chance. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, José.

I get an email like this from time to time.  Ordinarily, I would assume it’s a friend or the autobus or someone else taking the piss out of me (which I deserve), but as the email address was from Spain, I’ll assume it’s legit.  Of course, being an egomaniac, I sent him some pics and corrected the year thing.  Yeah, I am getting old, but I was still a junior in 1995.  Then, I went to college.  Then, I rode for some D3/Continental teams from 2001-2003.  Anyway, I guess my point in posting this is two-fold:

1)  I am an egomaniac.  The world is lucky I am not actually really good at cycling or you would get a tweet from me every 30 seconds like Lance or something. 

2) There are some rabid cycling fans in Europe.  Seriously, who am I in the cycling world?  And this guy managed to track down my email and ask for photos?  That’s dedication.


8 thoughts on “Random Email

  1. did he also tell you about a large sum of money in the amount of 120million US dollars that only you could access, and that he needed your help?

    p.s. shamelss plug…i put a new post on my new blog. podiumtraining.wordpress.com

  2. No, but I gave him my SS #. Anything for a fan.
    PS- This is my 500th post. And that doesn’t include when my blog was on the UCA site previously.

  3. tripple if you can do that on your TT bike gordy…and you have to stay aero!

    I hope i just didn’t incur liability when we see: press release…the people’s champion dethroned from greatness by crashing whilst tweeting about riding his TT bike…on his TT bike.

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