State RR on Tap

Amped for tomorrow’s State RR.  I haven’t felt awesome lately, but I have said that in the past and yeah, had some good results on this course, so we’ll see.  To the unitiated, I won the 1st 3x I raced this course, and had a sweet record going until last year’s epic flailure.  Honestly, this week has been pretty crap.  I know I should “harden up” or whatever, but it’s pretty hard to get motivated to ride in the rain, when you have to come back in the office with wet socks, and grit in your ears.  Besides which it is never supposed to rain in Utah in June.  And new snow on Timp, while definitely adding to the epicnicity is not what the doctor ordered.  Call the waaaahmbulance.  In any case, I think our little team has some other cards to play, so hopefully we can pull something off.

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