Is your name Ralph?

Somebody threw up all over  Oh wait, that’s just their new lay-out.

Sunday was mostly rad.  Took the girls out in the rikshaw with Kelly.  Saw a buck up South Fork.   Deer.  Not the money kind, although that would have been cool too.  Ran into Sleevie and Dustin (not literally “into” them, luckily).  Sleevie was wearing his new State Chump jersey.  Saw Bart and his dad out on mtn. bikes… so cool that they get to ride together.  We stopped at a park and let the girls play, but it was cold (I try not to complain about weather, but it’s June and I am over it) and threatening to dump yet again, so we didn’t stay long.

The rest of the day was pretty low-key.  We attempted to walk the dogs later, but Morgan’s trike had issues (the girls ride while we walk), and then we walked into mosquito hell and decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

Didn’t sleep well at all, and today is looking pretty nuts.


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