Highlighting an absolute crap week, the car opted out of High Uintas.  On the way to the start.  Life is handing me lemons, but I need at least a little sugar to make lemonade! 

May make an offer on a house.  Yeah, Pleasant Grove.  PG.  PG-13.  Pregnant Grove.

Good luck to everyone at High U.  One of my fav races of the year. 



8 thoughts on “Aaaarrgghhh

  1. Maybe you need to make an offer on that Honda Odyssey that you’ve been dreaming about instead. She would never let you down

  2. Are you moving to upgrade your home or reduce the time it takes to commute? If the latter I’d recommend looking a bit farther north. PG buys you what – maybe 10 minutes? Get out of the UC man!

  3. My car crapped out too! On my way home from maine last night… 80 miles from burlington. AAA towed me to the Subaru dealer and it is being fixed as I type this. No idea what went wrong. I’ve been trying to get home since I left…Portland is one cloudy, rainy, foggy town.


    Sorry you missed GHU. I did too, for the first time since 2000. I thought about the race the whole weekend. Bummed my life has taken over my playing abilities.

  4. If it makes you feel better, (or me, for that matter) they made the ridiculous decision to not count the crit for G.C. because some people got hypothermia in the road race. How that adds up to using the RR and TT for the GC is beyond me. Oh yeah, and they shortened the crit to 3 laps because of RAIN?! On the plus side, Sleevie won the 1/6 distance crit.

  5. i wish i had done high uintas…that is definately one of my favorite races of the year. Sleeveland is going good!

    1. not really…car crash and they got my call-up wrong. they mistook lance arm-somethingorother for me and brought him up instead.

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