The Day the Earth Stood Still

“It could only be” Jared came to visit me at work the other day.


It was pretty much just like the above picture, except I was the chick and the J-Rad was the “freakin’ lazer beam” eye guy.  Now, that that’s covered, I am pretty amped to go weekending this weekend.  I am skipping out on the inappropriately named Tax Day Grind, which really drops my odds of seeing Sam Krieg, but sometimes you just gotta make the sacrifice.  I am riding in the mountains in the a.m. if anyone wants to join- probably Alpine Loop-Aspen Grove and/or Squaw Peak in the 8-12 time slot.  Holla if you are down. 

Hopefully, it’s hot that afternoon because I want to take the girls to the pool in the afternoon.  The redneck pool river is still too high, don’t want anyone getting swept away, after all.


So far summer has been a downer, and I need to turn that around in a hurry.  Winter’s are too hard on me not to enjoy summer.


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