Dawn Patrol

Awoke from my slumber in the pre-dawn to slay Suncrest again.  It’s amazing how hard it is to get out of bed, and how much better I feel when I do.  The original plan was to ride to work and home, but Kelly found a house for us to look at this evening, so I need to get home earlier than that would entail.  I think maybe it’s better to go out and do a hard ride anyway as what I am lacking is not miles.  15 years of “base” pretty well covers that.

As for the house, it’s an ideal location.  No, not for my commute, but for general living in the Pee-town.  Built in the 50’s though, so we’ll see.  I am pretty much the antithesis of “handy”, so we’ll have to decide where we can compromise.

Last day of normal work as tomorrow we practice counting.  Oh joy!


It’s like a metaphor or something.


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