The Great American Road Trip is Over

I don’t remember where I left off exactly, but Tuesday being the last real day of vay-cay, we tried to fit in as much radness as possible.  Kelly and I rode to breakfast in Seal Beach.  Seal Beach is right up there with the Alpine Loop in terms of my favorite places on earth.  I could totally live there if I had a couple mill for a house and didn’t have to work.  Anyway, after that we tried to take the girls to an equestrian center to ride ponies, but they were closed, so we just walked around and looked the horses.  We then went back to Seal Beach and walked out the pier.  Despite what I said in the previous post, it was a postcard day and warm even on the beach.  This made me really not like the prospects of going home.  Anyway, we watched the kids skimboarding and saw somebody catch a stingray, Haley and Morgan chased birds around, and played on a playground, and then we headed home. 

Went out to the world’s best Tuesday night race that night.  I felt awesome and spent most of the evening in breaks, most notably with my ex-teammates Jaime Paolinetti, Michael Johnson, and Sean Watkins.  If you know these guys, you know they are pretty much guys that can ride a breakaway, so I was surprised when we got caught with two laps to go, but it was fun while it lasted.  I was sitting second wheel for the sprint, but Rahsaan Bahati lead it out and literally just killed me.  He went from like a k to go and just went ballistic.  I tried to stand up when he pulled off, but had nothing left and sat back down.  Blows me away the speed that guy has.

I considered getting up early to go surfing before the drive home, but figured I’d be better off with more sleep, so that was pretty much the trip.  The drive home was uneventful.  My iPod crapped out, so that sucked.  In-N-Out in St. George was the only significant stop.

Back to the grind, but feeling refreshed.


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