Follow Up

“As a songwriter and a life liver I try not to sit in a pool of distress.  It is fun to complain, to blame, to talk shit and sit sour and bitter.  But totally not useful in the growth process and that’s the positive side of distress and suffering.  Observing your faults.  Seeing yourself beyond the ego and making an attempt at healing.  Making yourself stronger.  Getting to know yourself better.  Seeing things in perspective.  That’s the gift of pain.”

From the liner notes of Shelter’s “The Purpose. The Passion”.

Outside of the guys putting up some huge results, I had some good conversations about our team directly and indirectly over the weekend to remind me why I decided to do this team in the first place.  Onward and upward!

A  tippy-tops weekend for the boys.  Ben was 5th at the Sundance HC.  Chase WON 2 of 3 stages and the G.C. at Capital Reef and Sleevie WON the Cat. 2 Boise Twilight Crit, after a stellar lead out from Andre Gonzalez from the Canyon shop team, who hung on for 2nd, making for a rather nice photo op:



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