I am not going to say I told you so about DiLuca. 

Wait, what’s that? 

I just did?

Yeah, I guess so.

On a similar note, Contador broke Riis’ record for VAM, an equation popularized by Dr. Ferrari (a fitting name if ever there was).  Obviously, this is not proof of anything.  It knocked Pantani to 3rd in the podium of VAM, but you know, it’s not proof of anything.

Do I sound like Lemond?

Go Wiggins!

That is all.

I guess that’s not all…

UPDATE: You know who the last person to beat Cancellara in a Tour TT was?

Schumacher.  Just a random fact.


8 thoughts on “Nostradumass

  1. What–you don’t think it’s normal for a skinny climber to beat a freight train like Cancellara in a flat TT?

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