Sweet Sanpete

I failed to repeat.  Still a big fan of this race.

Chase got the action going early and was joined by M.C. Kone.  The field fully went into MS 150 mode and the gap went out to 8 minutes. I thought it was over and done, then and there, but eventually all the  hitters that weren’t represented gathered together and drilled it.  It was probably the most cohesive work I’ve ever seen from non-teammates in a Utah race.  It had to be killing them as I was hurting in my position as the gate keeper.  In any case, it was an awesome move by Chase as it kept Sleevie and I fresh and hurt basically everyone else.  They got caught about 65 miles in, but there were some dead legs on the road and there was still 30 miles to go. 

Once they were back in, the attacks went all over again, mostly by Clinger.  A few different groups shuffled and reshuffled, but he was always there.  Sleevie told me he felt flat, and then proceeded to jump to one of  those groups.  It was initially like 5 guys, but eventually went down to 3.  Cameron was the last one to go across (awesome effort after doing a ton to bring the break back) and I should have gone with him.  I felt good, really good compared to the faces around me, but just was in a bad spot.  Maybe with 2 in four, we could have affected some change on the outcome, but maybe not too.  Anyway, the break was Clinger, Sleevie, and C-Hoff and apparently Clinger was just crushing them and dumped them at a k to go. 

I jumped after something with like 6 miles to go, and somehow wrapped my chain around my cranks like 3 times.  It’s still stuck between the frame and the chainrings.  I think I’m just going to have to break the chain and maybe take off the chainrings, so as to not destroy the frame!  No idea how I managed that. 

UPDATE (Thanks for the pic, RR.  The world’s worst bike mechanic fixed it all by himself.)






I am bummed the season is drawing to a close.  The last time I felt tired and wanted a break at the end of  a season was 2002 when I raced from Boulevard (the first weekend of February) to Tour of Okinawa (in November).  It’s funny because so many people are beat, but my “strategy” of minimal training and racing is keeping me fresh.  I am leaning towards doing the crit at Vegas just to keep training and have something to shoot for over the next few weeks.  Interbike is pretty much a lot of work, but having something else on my mind kinda makes the week go faster. 

Oh yeah, I am aware there’s a whole cross season coming up, but I just don’t get as amped for that as a lot of people apparently do.  I’ll do a few races like last year, I’m sure.


Haley’s All Grows’d Up

Haley had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday.  I am sure Kelly will post all the pics and what not pretty soon. 

EDIT: We must’ve been blogging at the same time. 

I went in late to work so I could walk to the bus stop with them.  Then, Kelly and I drove to the school to make sure she got off the bus okay and everything.  Yes, we are a little protective!  I promise we won’t do it every day of the school year.  It’s a little nerve wracking.  She just seems so little still to be hopping on a bus. 

It was fun to see Kelly get all worked up. 

Time flies kids.

Oh Yeah

I keep remembering stuff I meant to include from the weekend.

Sunday morning I was asked if I was doing the master’s race. 

No, there was no 30+ race, for which I would have been eligible. 

No, there was no 35+ race, which I wouldn’t be eligible for, but you know, kinda close. 

There was a 40+ race!!  No, I am not 40+. 

Time to get out of the sun, I guess.

Tour of Utah Hack Crit

Gotta keep it brief.  The amateur crit (for chump amateurs only who are not in any way professional and are hacks) came down to a field sprint and a Waste Management  guy smoked me.  I thought for sure I had it coming out of the last corner, but I didn’t even get close to him.  Maybe I could’ve dived under him going into the last turn as I thought I had a little more acceleration, but I think he would’ve gotten me either way as his top end was just way too fast for me.  Someone said he was close to the points jersey when he got popped at the pro race (for professionals who ride bikes for a living) so that makes me feel better.  Or not.

EDIT: On the posi tip, I won a day pass to any of the Cottonwood ski resorts.  I don’t usually get worked up over primes, but now I have an excuse to go somewhere other than Sundance.

Watching Tour of Utah…

…has been ruff, but it’s still good to be around a bit.  If nothing else, getting out of the cube and off the phone a couple hours a day is a bonus.  Still pulling for all the Utahans.  I am predicting J. Lo will be sporting a yellow shirt after the TT tonight.

If anyone hasn’t seen, a gaggle of bikers were deeked yesterday for hanging on to cars up Nebo.  I am not  giving these guys a hard time.  I will admit to having held on to a car in the past, not that I’m proud of it.  Howev, two things I am hearing a lot are:

“We would have been time cut.”

Correct.  You were not good enough not to be time cut.  Makes sense to me.

“There were pros who did it and were not dq’d”

This does suck, but life and cycling are not “fair”.

As an aside, I did not hold on to any cars last year.  However, I did ride the bumper of a car for a long, long time and when I climbed into the van (quitting) the over-riding thought was,

“I am not going to ride the entire length of this stage race behind a car”. 

It sucked, but for whatever reason I was not good enough on the day.

Alright new topic.  I did this tv morning news show yesterday morning.  They didn’t want to wake up the guys racing super early, so Tyler, Josh, and I got to stand in for a nice 5:40am  appointment.  Pretty standard, stand around for a hour and a half for a two minute total of airtime, but knowing my ego, you know I am down for anything increasing my worldwide celebrity.   I didn’t see it, but Kelly says I was “awesome”.  Maybe not her exact words.  Of course, she says I am good looking too…

In other news, Kelly’s folks, and her grandparents, and her bro Jeff and his girlfriend Jen are in town.  I am trying to balance a normal work schedule, time in the expo at the race, and spending time with them.  It’s leaving me a little worked, as yesterday I left home at 5:15 am and didn’t get home until 11pm.  I did get to partake in the Utah summer sport of “ice blocking” and later ate ice cream at the BYU Creamery, so that was pretty much top notch.  We also looked at “the” house again.  Still love it.  Still want it.

Anyway, back to it.  One more “woot, woot” for all my brethren putting it down in the TOFU.

The Natural

I had been working from time to time with Haley on her bike riding skills.  We took the pedals off as I’d been told it was easier to learn that way.  Tonight, she was like,

 “Let’s put the pedals on”.

We did, and after maybe 3 small wobbles, she took off riding.  So proud! 

The battery in our camera died, which it pretty much is always dead, but anyway, I’ll have to update with pics tomorrow. 

Pretty sure I’ll take her on Alpine Loop tomorrow.

Some Other People Are Racing Bikes

Lots of haps in the bike racing world.  National Crit titles this weekend.  I am predicting a repeat for Bahati.  Dude is just too fast.  The only way I see him losing is if the other teams are smart (not likely!) and put it together that they need to roll a break without him.  The amateur race is always a cluster and I won’t predict a winner there.  I will predict lots of crashing though.  Yeah, Nostradumass.

Beyond that, we have a little race here in Utah next week.  It looks like I’ll be man-ing a booth.  I’m sure it will be tough watching the boys battle it out, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be this year.  I do plan on ditching the booth for a bit and doing the amateur crit the last day though.  A big shout to all the Utah-pians in the event, and if pressed to pick a weiner, I’ll go with Louder for the repeat.  Crack Rock Racing will be tough though.  And of course, I’d love to see Burke pull it off!  I hope some of the Utah amateurs can bring some pain and pull off a big result somewhere along the line.

Oh yeah, and there’s some big mountain bike race in Colorado this weekend.  At least it’s a big race now that Colorado State Champion Lance Armstrong is attending.  Good luck to everyone heading to Leadville.  I hope you secure the beltbuckle of your dreams.  Since I am predicting all over the map, I guess Lance is going to crush.  I would prefer to see Weins smoke him again.  Or a new jack, but if I were putting money on it, I wouldn’t go that route.

As for me, I will probably spend the weekend in relaxation mode.  Maybe an Alpine Loop to spice up my life, play with the kids, perhaps that haircut I’ve been dreaming of.


I feel like I am falling off the blogging wagon again, so here’s the quick and dirty on what’s happened in the recent past.

Friday night, Kelly and I went up to Sundance and ate at the Grill.  Big thanks to Chris and Tracy for watching the girls on last minute’s notice.  I don’t think the read the blog, but lemme tell ya, it was grand.  Kelly and I don’t typically ever go anywhere nice (and yes, I know the grill is not the nicest place at Sundance, but it’s all about perception), so it was good to eat somewhere that is not rushing you out the door, and to actually have a conversation (not about ponies) without being interrupted (about ponies).

Saturday was entirely spent in preparation for Haley’s birthday party.  By the time the actual part came and went, we were pretty well spent.  I tried taking the dogs (one at a time) for a jog.  I got about 15 minutes with each dog, which is about the sum total of jogging I have done in the past few years, and I am pretty sure the dogs did not break a sweat.  Or pant.

Typically on Sunday’s, I hang out with the family, which may or may not include church time.  Howev, as Saturday was spent pretty much at home, I took leave on Sunday morning to hit up Squaw Peak and Alpine Loop with Sleevie.  You can write it off as a business meeting as we have a whole bunch of 2010 team stuff to discuss.  Short story, this year has been way more successful than I could have predicted, and I feel an obligation to the guys to step it up a notch. 

You can also write off the ride as church time as the alpine loop is always a religious experience.

Anyway, the weather was mint and I was pretty surprised at how good I felt on both climbs.

Later, I took the girls for a long walk on the River trail.  Long, of course, is measure on a similar scale to the previous days jog with the dogs.  I will say that although not much ground was covered, we were gone for some time as Haley likes to stop every five feet and tell us how the ponies could rest under their, hide beneath that, sleep in these bushes, etc. 

Some other big news that I am withholding for today.

Despite my promises to do better, I am still sucking at keeping the blog up-to-date with photos.  If I had taken pictures, you would see that I am really in desperate need of a haircut.  That’s about all I got.