AB Memorial Crit

I managed to win the Allan Butler Memorial Crit again, which means quite a bit to me.  I don’t understand why all of Utah Cycling doesn’t do this event.  Great community, solid prize list, only 3 hours from SLC, remembering the best teammate I ever had… I guess that one is  a little personal.  Anyway, the race itself was tactically weird.  Bob’s had two guys in the race (Chris and Kai) , they both made the break, and wouldn’t ride because we had three.  There was a good bit of banter there, but it’s all in good fun and I respect them both.  In any case, it got weirder as we lapped the field going into the last corner.  I lead it out, so had my choice of lines through the melee and took it in front of Chris, Chase, and Kai.  Dustin rode himself out of the break a couple laps earlier, but held on for 5th, and Tyler got 10th.  A solid team effort.  I can’t explain how nice it was to be racing with the guys after an uplanned summer break.  And just seeing Allan’s family… it’s a big deal for me and I’ll try to make it up there every year.

We had a super nice family weekend as well.  The hotel we stayed at was pretty reasonable ($75) with a free breakfast buffett.  After breaky, we went swimming in the hotel pool, had a nice stroll along the Snake River, down to the falls the city (Idaho Falls) was named after, then a calorically dense lunch before the drive home. 

I am saving all the family stuff for Kelly, but here’s the customary post race shot:


EDIT: Ooopsies… I was trying to end this post quickly and left out that Sunday was Haley’s 5th birthday!!  We will have a party next weekend, but we snuck a couple gifts into the car for her to open on the actual day.  Mom- she LOVED the horses and the book!  We also got her a Disney princess CD,which did not at all make me want to gauge my ears out on the drive home.  I can’t believe it’s been 5 years and my little Haley-bird is going off to school in a couple weeks!


5 thoughts on “AB Memorial Crit

  1. good on ya mate…You are such a stud, it’s no wonder you still win plenty of bike races. I’m thinking of trying to put something together for hippstar next year, but I gotta get on the ball now. I think he would love to have a race for himself every year! Although he might like a “roger’s cup” style group ride instead.

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