I feel like I am falling off the blogging wagon again, so here’s the quick and dirty on what’s happened in the recent past.

Friday night, Kelly and I went up to Sundance and ate at the Grill.  Big thanks to Chris and Tracy for watching the girls on last minute’s notice.  I don’t think the read the blog, but lemme tell ya, it was grand.  Kelly and I don’t typically ever go anywhere nice (and yes, I know the grill is not the nicest place at Sundance, but it’s all about perception), so it was good to eat somewhere that is not rushing you out the door, and to actually have a conversation (not about ponies) without being interrupted (about ponies).

Saturday was entirely spent in preparation for Haley’s birthday party.  By the time the actual part came and went, we were pretty well spent.  I tried taking the dogs (one at a time) for a jog.  I got about 15 minutes with each dog, which is about the sum total of jogging I have done in the past few years, and I am pretty sure the dogs did not break a sweat.  Or pant.

Typically on Sunday’s, I hang out with the family, which may or may not include church time.  Howev, as Saturday was spent pretty much at home, I took leave on Sunday morning to hit up Squaw Peak and Alpine Loop with Sleevie.  You can write it off as a business meeting as we have a whole bunch of 2010 team stuff to discuss.  Short story, this year has been way more successful than I could have predicted, and I feel an obligation to the guys to step it up a notch. 

You can also write off the ride as church time as the alpine loop is always a religious experience.

Anyway, the weather was mint and I was pretty surprised at how good I felt on both climbs.

Later, I took the girls for a long walk on the River trail.  Long, of course, is measure on a similar scale to the previous days jog with the dogs.  I will say that although not much ground was covered, we were gone for some time as Haley likes to stop every five feet and tell us how the ponies could rest under their, hide beneath that, sleep in these bushes, etc. 

Some other big news that I am withholding for today.

Despite my promises to do better, I am still sucking at keeping the blog up-to-date with photos.  If I had taken pictures, you would see that I am really in desperate need of a haircut.  That’s about all I got.


10 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. I gathered that in our teennage years when we frequently dined on fast food and you would have 30-ish ketchups in front of you.

  2. Jogging the dogs would definitely make good prison lingo, though I’m not sure exactly what for.
    Brian, in fairness, we ate Ryan’s Steakhouse/buffet a lot too.

  3. So you *are* trying to repopulate the Prove with tall red-headed kids. Nice. And congrats.

    Doyle seems to be the only one that can consistently produce boys. It took me 2 tries. Let’s see how you do on #3.

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