Some Other People Are Racing Bikes

Lots of haps in the bike racing world.  National Crit titles this weekend.  I am predicting a repeat for Bahati.  Dude is just too fast.  The only way I see him losing is if the other teams are smart (not likely!) and put it together that they need to roll a break without him.  The amateur race is always a cluster and I won’t predict a winner there.  I will predict lots of crashing though.  Yeah, Nostradumass.

Beyond that, we have a little race here in Utah next week.  It looks like I’ll be man-ing a booth.  I’m sure it will be tough watching the boys battle it out, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be this year.  I do plan on ditching the booth for a bit and doing the amateur crit the last day though.  A big shout to all the Utah-pians in the event, and if pressed to pick a weiner, I’ll go with Louder for the repeat.  Crack Rock Racing will be tough though.  And of course, I’d love to see Burke pull it off!  I hope some of the Utah amateurs can bring some pain and pull off a big result somewhere along the line.

Oh yeah, and there’s some big mountain bike race in Colorado this weekend.  At least it’s a big race now that Colorado State Champion Lance Armstrong is attending.  Good luck to everyone heading to Leadville.  I hope you secure the beltbuckle of your dreams.  Since I am predicting all over the map, I guess Lance is going to crush.  I would prefer to see Weins smoke him again.  Or a new jack, but if I were putting money on it, I wouldn’t go that route.

As for me, I will probably spend the weekend in relaxation mode.  Maybe an Alpine Loop to spice up my life, play with the kids, perhaps that haircut I’ve been dreaming of.


2 thoughts on “Some Other People Are Racing Bikes

  1. yeah, I don’t think this will be bryson’s year, but he always surprises me when he is completely undertrained. Brandon will go well though. I think Weins is going to get crushed, but I won’t say by how much.

  2. Uhhh yeah, that would be a sick comeback if Bryson were to win. Putting Lance Whatshisname to shame. He’d done it before, but I think I’d put him on the looooong shot list for Leadfootville. Does he get a call up? It’s all about the call-up.

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