Oh Yeah

I keep remembering stuff I meant to include from the weekend.

Sunday morning I was asked if I was doing the master’s race. 

No, there was no 30+ race, for which I would have been eligible. 

No, there was no 35+ race, which I wouldn’t be eligible for, but you know, kinda close. 

There was a 40+ race!!  No, I am not 40+. 

Time to get out of the sun, I guess.


7 thoughts on “Oh Yeah

  1. In other words, someone paid you a compliment despite the fact that you don’t have what it takes to mix it up with grown men… (like a gray beard… or any beard… or a possibility of having a beard)

  2. I’m awaiting some exciting & witty news after my recent post.

    PS: HI EKI!!! I miss my team! I ride around here in Vermont all solo. Kinda ruff…I need some teammates for motivation.

  3. Sorry if I was short with you on the phone, Sandros. I assume I was since you apologized for calling me at work 3x.

  4. I wouldn’t have apologized if I called your work line. I always thought the cell call at work was a faux-pas (and that’s the end of my snooty Franglais). Hence my apologies.

  5. You are fine to call. If I can’t take it, I just won’t answer. Plus, it was work related, so that is 2 legit.

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