Haley’s All Grows’d Up

Haley had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday.  I am sure Kelly will post all the pics and what not pretty soon. 

EDIT: We must’ve been blogging at the same time. 

I went in late to work so I could walk to the bus stop with them.  Then, Kelly and I drove to the school to make sure she got off the bus okay and everything.  Yes, we are a little protective!  I promise we won’t do it every day of the school year.  It’s a little nerve wracking.  She just seems so little still to be hopping on a bus. 

It was fun to see Kelly get all worked up. 

Time flies kids.


3 thoughts on “Haley’s All Grows’d Up

  1. Brings to mind the old song, “Turn Around, turn around, turn around and your a grown man with babes of your own.” So much for my cry from the day!!


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