Sweet Sanpete

I failed to repeat.  Still a big fan of this race.

Chase got the action going early and was joined by M.C. Kone.  The field fully went into MS 150 mode and the gap went out to 8 minutes. I thought it was over and done, then and there, but eventually all the  hitters that weren’t represented gathered together and drilled it.  It was probably the most cohesive work I’ve ever seen from non-teammates in a Utah race.  It had to be killing them as I was hurting in my position as the gate keeper.  In any case, it was an awesome move by Chase as it kept Sleevie and I fresh and hurt basically everyone else.  They got caught about 65 miles in, but there were some dead legs on the road and there was still 30 miles to go. 

Once they were back in, the attacks went all over again, mostly by Clinger.  A few different groups shuffled and reshuffled, but he was always there.  Sleevie told me he felt flat, and then proceeded to jump to one of  those groups.  It was initially like 5 guys, but eventually went down to 3.  Cameron was the last one to go across (awesome effort after doing a ton to bring the break back) and I should have gone with him.  I felt good, really good compared to the faces around me, but just was in a bad spot.  Maybe with 2 in four, we could have affected some change on the outcome, but maybe not too.  Anyway, the break was Clinger, Sleevie, and C-Hoff and apparently Clinger was just crushing them and dumped them at a k to go. 

I jumped after something with like 6 miles to go, and somehow wrapped my chain around my cranks like 3 times.  It’s still stuck between the frame and the chainrings.  I think I’m just going to have to break the chain and maybe take off the chainrings, so as to not destroy the frame!  No idea how I managed that. 

UPDATE (Thanks for the pic, RR.  The world’s worst bike mechanic fixed it all by himself.)






I am bummed the season is drawing to a close.  The last time I felt tired and wanted a break at the end of  a season was 2002 when I raced from Boulevard (the first weekend of February) to Tour of Okinawa (in November).  It’s funny because so many people are beat, but my “strategy” of minimal training and racing is keeping me fresh.  I am leaning towards doing the crit at Vegas just to keep training and have something to shoot for over the next few weeks.  Interbike is pretty much a lot of work, but having something else on my mind kinda makes the week go faster. 

Oh yeah, I am aware there’s a whole cross season coming up, but I just don’t get as amped for that as a lot of people apparently do.  I’ll do a few races like last year, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Sanpete

  1. I’m sure I’d give you a run for the money in the Worst mechanic race… Problem is the weather improves from now till mid October! hard not to get some miles in.

  2. I was on a D3 team before I learned how to change a cassette, and not because of my rapid rise through the sport. I’d been racing forever. I am the perfect storm of mechanical disinclination and laziness.
    PS- you sent this comment (had to moderate) from your personal email.

  3. See, it’s not a funny joke … and Yet I want to say (insert ax murderer joke), But Keep your eyes open, you could get a better Mortgage rate in the next few weeks, lock it in!

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