Inspired by a post over at MissingSaddle, and the lack of posts here, I decided to do a post on non-selection.  While the author of the MS article is dealing with it for the first time(!), it’s a road I’ve been down more times than I can count.  Here’s a few off the top of my head:

TTT at junior nationals 1993.  I made some serious progress this year, considering I had pretty much gotten dropped at every race I had done previously.  I trained with the TTT team all summer, but when the decision was made on who to cut, I got the axe.  The rest of the team was 17-18, and I was 16, but it sucked.  On the plus side, this is the same trip where I figured out I had some ability as I went something like 7th in the RR, 12th in the crit, and 20th in the TT.








Collegiate National Crit Championships 1997.  Less than a month before nationals, I won our conference crit championships.  2 weeks later, I won a local Pro 1-2 crit.  The last spot on the team came down to me and another fella who had not won a race that year.  The coach of the team came in to my hotel room and said,

“I think you are riding better, but so-and-so is a senior and you’ll have your chance”. 

Ummm, okay, glad we based that on merit then.


















Philadelphia US Pro Championships 2001.  Ooooh, this one stung.  I saw my name on the start list and everything.  Then, got the call a week before the event. 

“It’s not in the budget”.

I would’ve paid my own way if they’d have told me earlier or even given me the choice.  I never understood this call.  Some guys went that hadn’t finished well in a road race all year and I was doing well in all the road races and was 10 years younger than these guys.  Luckily, this was all documented in a movie!!  It was difficult to do some 90 minute local crits when you have been preparing for a 156 mile huge race.  On the plus side, I had my best result of the year at the Pomona Valley Stage Race (now San Dimas), coming 3rd on G.C., while the other guys were on the road.  It was a hard year, and the only one I can remember where I didn’t win anything.  On the other hand, I probably learned more about winning races than any other year.


















Please note that while I didn’t agree with these decisions, I’m not bitter about them.  Rejection is part of the game, and makes you stronger. 

**The first couple pictures are not from the actual event, and may not even be from the right year.  They were the closest I could find on this computer.


2 thoughts on “Non-Selection

  1. Glad it wasn’t me who bumped you in 1997. That would have REALLY stung — McFatty Sprinter instead of you.

    2001: You say “It was a hard year,” but wasn’t it more of a “Hard Road?”

    Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

  2. Yeah, re-reading this… I sound like kind of a jack ass. What else is new, right? My point was not that someone else did not deserve to ride… It’s just one of those things you go through when you are not the biggest fish in the pool.
    I’m sure it’s much worse for the 9th best guy on all the tour de france teams!

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