It Could Only Be J-Rad

…that would guilt me into updating after joining the legions of tweeting-blog-quitters.  I mean, what the hay, man?  Pot to kettle, you know the score. 

A good bit of radness has transpired since last I blogged.  Kelly and I had a night alone in Park City.  What can I say, it was great.  We are generally pretty cheap, so to stay in a hotel and eat out (at a restaurant) was nice.  On the other hand, I was in a hotel two days later and only ate at ristorantes for a week, so I’m pretty over it at this point.  It’s a lot different when it’s for work,  you know.  N.E.way, again, we are pretty cheap so it was fish n’ chips for dinner and since it was a touch chilly, we were the only ones on the patio.

From there, we picked up the girls (thanks again, grandma!!) and I tried to make the most of my time with them before boarding the slow boat to Las Vegas.  Las Vegas, for those who are not bi (lingual) is loosely translated as The Vegas.

Anyway, the girls are out of the tub now, so I’ll have to finish this up, ummm, some other time.


9 thoughts on “It Could Only Be J-Rad

  1. Umm, yeah, I meant Jared quit blogging. Me- I was just working and couldn’t be bothered for a week or so. Back on the pain train.

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