And then what happened?

I know that’s what you have been asking yourselves since my last post.

Then, I hopped in the big truck to drive to Vegass.  The drive was pretty easy really.  We got in around 5, got checked in.  As per, there were issues with the reservation, but all was squared and we went back into the big truck to find somewhere off the strip (ie- cheap) to eat.

Pretty much cashed out after that, and the next day the rest of the crew arrived via jet aero-plane.  We got the bulk of the set-up done on Monday.  This took all day as we waited for the union crews to do the heavy lifting and ummm, they took an extraordinarily long time, including two lunches.  I think we did a grand total of about 8 hours of sitting around and 2-3 hours of work.  The union guys from my vantage point really got to it with about 15 minutes of actual work.  You might get the feeling I am anti-union.  However, I don’t want to get killed, so you are completely wrong and those guys did a great job at a fair price. Or something.

Since we got the booth mostly done on Monday.  I had Tuesday pretty relaxed.  I had been nursing a sore throat for nearly a week, so maybe having a relatively free day was not good as you know I am going to work myself over somehow.  I got up and rode out to the base of Mt. Charleston.  I only had time to go a couple miles up as we had some work left to do, but it was pretty clear that it was rad.  Otherwise, the riding to and from was identical to LA/OC.  Except hotter.  Finished the booth off and then umm, hey, let’s go mountain biking.  I can’t say no, so I got in another couple of hours on the mountain bike in the afternoon.  I am not what you would call “good” at mountain biking, but I enjoy it immensely.  Nearly enought to actually own a mountain bike.  In any case, between the dusty riding, the smoky casinos, and coming in with a cold, I’d pretty much completely lost my voice by the time we got to the company dinner that evening.  Probably not the best way to start 3 days of non-stop talking.

This here is boring, but I guess I am into it now and will have to finish the story eventually.


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