Had to…

throw up (metaphorically) a new post, so no one will remember my secret ambition.

The last few weeks have been really good.  I don’t know what’s wrong, but I have been generally happy.  I have a theory that running at night and riding at lunch ensures a constant, if small, endorphin flow.

Anyway, hope to have some team news to share in the near future.  Hopefully things are falling into place, but I need to make sure my i’s are crossed and my t’s dotted before spilling the beans.  Don’t believe anything you hear.  And that’s not just regarding our team, I mean as some friendly advice, believe nothing you hear in this world.

Hope to have my cross bike in semi-functional order in the next few days.  I will have to post a pic of the kicks I got.  They are the sickness.  Of course, you shouldn’t believe me on either of these points (see above).

Alright, Kelly and the girls should be home soon and this post isn’t heading anywhere.

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