How to weekend

Awesomeness on the weekend.

The AB ride was great.  A small group, not suprising given the short notice, but the weather was mint and it was great way to remember the man.

Had a top secret meeting to discuss the future of our bike program. Fingers crossed.

Walked to the park with the girls in the afternoon.  They rode their bikes, actually. 

Saw a live action version of Cops.  Cuffs, canines, the works… probably not what you want to see right by your neighborhood, but you know, everyone wants to watch all the same.

Sunday was very low-key as Haley woke up with a fever.  Rode S. Fork with Kelly’s dad.  I don’t get a lot of chances to ride super easy or without time constraints, so I made the most of it.  Very relaxing.

That afternoon, I took Morgan for a walk/bike ride on the Provo River trail, while Kelly and Haley napped.  The colors have switched on in the valley, and the trail is fully canopied in radness.  Stopped by the swing on the way back.  Morgan would swing forever if she could.

Kelly made the best dinner ever.

After the girls went to bed, I took each of the dogs out for a run.  Something clicked and I actually didn’t felt really good running.  Generally, fast or slow, running pretty much isn’t too comfortable for me, so that was a nice change.

Hopefully we’ll open the cross account next weekend.


5 thoughts on “How to weekend

  1. Holy crap- best comment ever.
    This is the part where I would normally go back and grammaraticize the post over again and then put a comment like “huh?”, but I am leaving it this time. Yo hablo Luis.

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