Haley Wins

Haley’s school had a “fun run” this morning and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.  To tie it into cycling, I saw Jesse Gordon’s mom there.  Anyway, it was supposed to be 5k, but I am pretty sure they fudged the distance.  By about half.  Then, they had the kindergartners do only one lap (the full distance was two).  In any case, I am not sweating the details, really. I swear.  It was pretty fun.  I ran with Haley and she held my hand the whole way,  so what more can a dad ask for, right?

Anyway, the story is not so much about the run.  The purpose of the event was to raise money for the school.  For every $10 the kid raised, they got a ticket into the opportunity drawing.  The astute reader will remember that “raffles”, or at least using the term “raffle’ is illegal in Utah.  In any case, we are not the parents who lug their kids around the block knocking on doors raising money for this kind of stuff.  We put in for a ticket, Kelly’s folks put in for a ticket, and Kelly’s brother put in for ticket.  So, she had 3 tickets in the non-raffle for the entire school. 

First name called- Haley Barrett!!  A digital camera!!  

A few minutes later, Haley Barrett(!) gets called again.  This time she had her choice of a soccer ball, a football, and a basketball, and oddly enough she went with the football. 

In any case, they only did maybe a dozen drawings, so I thought that for 2 of her 3 tickets to get pulled was pretty solid odds.

We spoke with another mom (I was feeling distinctly male at this event) and they had put in 9 tickets, so it wasn’t like we were the only ones who with our name in the pot.

Anyway, I’m sure Kelly will outdo me with a post with photos.

Also sure there will be another photo post in the near future titled “What you get when you give a kindergartner a camera” or somesuch.


3 thoughts on “Haley Wins

  1. I smell a weekend in Vegas. Better cash in while Haley’s luck is white-hot.

    Digital cameras and kids is an interesting combo. On one hand kids see the world so differently and you’ll see this in the photos – it’s a really cool insight. On the other hand they take a gazillion pictures so be ready to wade through a LOT of photos, most of which will be bad. On balance it’s a good thing.

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