Once Again…

Once again, a bike racing dream… Short one this time.  I was helping some young team get set up with wheels for Tour of Southland.  For those out of the know, this is a stage race in New Zealand.  I don’t know the dates, but I think it’s coming up in November.  Anyway, everyone’s favorite kiwi was helping me with logistics, translating (kiwi to ‘merican), etc.  Anyway, it got back to the team that I was some sort of “racer”, and as a show of good will, they invited me to come race, like immediately.  Next thing I knew I was on a plane.  So, I wake up.  Oh geez, am I racing today?   Realize I’m in bed, my own with Kelly.  Well, I am racing today.  Cross, and I’m going to get worked!

What does it all mean??


6 thoughts on “Once Again…

  1. Dood I thought he was Australian?

    JK Gordy…don’t get your panties in a wad.

    I too had a bike related dream last night, and blame it on you for putting the thought in my mind, although my dream was sponsor related.

  2. Can we get some photos of the cross race today? Attack from the gun, as yo are so good at doing, and then throw lunches at anyone who try to passes you. You’ll win, but you may be the only rider left.

  3. I am sure Haley will get some really good photos, Sandy.
    Throw lunches? Did you mean punches? I like lunches better.

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