Draper Cross

First, I don’t know why the pic above ended up in the post below.

Anyway, pics for Sandy:


























Dig the Wu Tang socks courtesy of SockGuy.

Anyway, I did the cross race in Draper.  It was a super fun course, and I definitely preferred the start of this one (pavement) over others I’ve done. In fact, had I gotten into my pedals off the line, I might’ve taken Sandy’s advice and hit it right there.  Not that it would have made much difference as I am just not so good on the technical stuff.  I can say I am pretty fit right now.  Like fit enough I would expect to be there, or at least thereabout in a local road race.  Not so much for the cross!  Bart was kind enough to lap me with about 500 meters to go (or 1 lap + 500 meters to go, in my case), putting me out of my misery.  For the record, it was like 63 and sunny when we arrived, but a downpour arrived just in time for the start and dropped the temp like 10 degrees.  It was fun and I hope to get out a couple more times this year.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town for a bunch of the remaining races, but we’ll see what we can do.


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