An Active Blogger

Yeah, I am trying to stay on this whole web-logging program again.  The next couple days could be tough as I am going to Minnesota, and I don’t know what my time/connectivity will be like.  Yeah, Minnesota! !  Maybe I better watch “Fargo” tonight to brush up on the dialect.

The surprise change in weather yesterday suprised me like something that is surprising.  Even though it was forecasted.  I thought taking a day completely off exorcisms exercising might be good as I was a bit sore from an increased running schedule.  Only a day in, and I can feel the seasonal anxiety disorder kicking in.  Long and whiny story short, I need to get out every (single) day.  At least for a few.  So, see you at lunch time?  I’ll be the tall guy in the 53X11.

Morgan woke up in the middle of the night last night screaming.  I went in and she said that something in her bed licked her.  Actually she says “lick-ed”.  In any case, she fell back asleep immediately, but I was up for an hour or so after that.  Lots of thoughts running through this head.

Finally, I am still getting hits every day from people searching “tracking device in flu shot” or similar from a post (which alleged no such thing) over a year ago.  People, “the man” does not need to inject you with a tracking device.  Your cell phone has that covered.


2 thoughts on “An Active Blogger

  1. In your flu post art talked about nanotech and the flu shot, you are #2 for “flu shot tracking device” on google…


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