Something I never mentioned…

at least, never mentioned here.  We are having another girl!!  I will be in the pink palace like team rico

Anyway, our camera crapped out right before we left, and then we left the card for Haley’s camera in our desktop at home, so no pics this year.  The one below is fairly representative of my Sedona riding this year as well, except I managed to take the pie plate off my bike before the trip this year.

Mountain bikers get amped to see a cross bike on the trails.


We’re not on a “cycling trip”, but this is a cycling blog, so with that in mind, I got in 90 minutes of sweet singletrack shreddination yesterday.  In shorts.  On the cross bike, of course.  I’d like to do more of this whole mountain bike thing, really.  It was unreal and it would have been pretty easy for me to keep going. 

It’s a little sad though as this is usually the only time Kelly and I go mountain biking and she’s too prego to make mtn. biking any fun.  So that’s a little bit of a bust because it’s pretty much a highlight of the year when we go.

Anyway, in the afternoon we went on a really scenic hike that followed the Oak Creek up in the Canyon.  It was ideal with pretty minimal elevation gain and the kids did great.  There was about 5 creek crossings and Haley managed to stay dry (save her feet), so that was a miracle in itself.

Otherwise, things have been pretty low-key.  Lots of time at the park, lazy mornings, out to pizza last night -when in Sedona, visit Picasso’s.

Today we are supposed to visits some Sinagua indian ruins, and we’ll see what other adventures await.

On the negative tip, the race in Vegas was cancelled, so that’s a bust.

The Season that wouldn’t Die

Not that I want it to, but for all my BLW in September about not being able to race as much as I’d like this year, I have found some pretty decent outlets for my athletic yearnings this fall.

With that in mind, I am trying to convince Kelly to stop in Vegas on the way home from Thanksgiving to race a crit.  Yeah, a crit in November.  Does the fun ever stop?!?  I’d link it, but I haven’t seen a link yet.  Email me if you want info.

It’s the same day we’d be driving anyway, and not THAT far out of the way.  I suppose I should save this type of “favor” for what is traditionally considered the “racing season”, but you know I am going to take what I can get.  And that’s a big “if I can get” right now as we have yet to really discuss this proposition.

  I prefer to “drop” this kind of news on the blog.

We’ll see.

Vegas baby.  That’s all I’m saying.

Not so much to tell

Snowstorm on Saturday… Didn’t leave much on the ground, but it was pretty ugly all day, so I did a run and then rode rollers.  Flipped the script on Sunday, backwards is forwards, back to the future, same as it ever was. Oh yeah, but I rode outside and did a weight workout on the bike.  It’s easier to stay warm when you are in the single digits mph.

On that note, this is always an interesting time of year to me.  Some people are doing huge base miles, some are racing cross, some are in recharge mode, and some are starting to ski.  So what’s interesting is where all these paths take people and where they end up fitness wise when racing starts… I think it’s 90% natural ability, and the other 10% you can tweek through training.  Probably a good bit more than 90%, actually.  Most people are stuck in a rut, I like trying new stuff at this point.  

All-in-all, a great weekend.  Haley sang in church.  She was petrified to get up there, which is new side of her, but once she found her way, she was a ham as per.  Love it.  Some family get togethers.  Pulling my hair out with the girls.  And the dogs.  It’s good for you.  I am the same as ever, but different.  And it’s healthy.

Anyway, in a twisted way, I’m glad it’s cold.  The resorts need snow, we all need water, and it will make me appreciate Sedona even more next week.  The odds are it will be warmer there, after all.  Counting down, 5 days to go…