I didn’t get lapped…

This might be the first cross race (yesterday at Big Wheeler Farm) I’ve done where Bart did not lap me. 

Got things off to an awesome start by pulling my feet out of both pedals from the gun. 

“Hello, groin… It’s me, top tube!”

It was probably the worst course I could imagine for me.  I can seriously remember doing at least one mountain bike race back in VA that was less technical than this.  Lots of fun, though.

I don’t care what you real cross guys say, I will take upper 60’s and sunny over crap weather anyday.  Bonus: my bike is not completely destroyed.

With this small bit of progress (not getting lapped!), I am sad to announce that it may be my last cross race of the year. Yes, two races could be it.  I am tri-geeking out next weekend, then there’s a weekend off.  Then,  there’s the state chumps/double weekend, but I am pretty sure we’ll leave for Sedona that Saturday and miss the next weekend as well.  Shredding red dirt on the cross bike sounds like a fair exchange.  After that, there’s just not much left.  I wonder if I would actually get better if I did more than 2-3 races/year?  The world may never know.

Kelly already covered Halloween, so just go there.


One thought on “I didn’t get lapped…

  1. It’s all about perspective… as I’m prepping to leave work I hear Tom on the phone with Bart:
    “Yeah, it just wasn’t a technical course”.

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