Kelly already did a post on this, but I can’t help but unleash one as well.

Upon moving to the great state of Utahpia in 2004 BK (the Before Kids era)  we, as dutiful citizens, registered the vehicles here.  In order to get the Jeep to pass safety, we had to add mudflaps (no naked lady ones were available) and add fender flares to cover the tires.  We never needed such things in CA, which seems backwards as Utah is supposed to be the wild west, but in any case we moved forward with these accessories as necessitated by the state. 

Each year thereafter, the Jeep has failed on some account, but the extenders and mud flaps were good to go.  However, this year I took it to Pep Boys as they were the only place I knew that was open on Saturday and would fix the horn (it would have failed for not having a horn without this forethought).  In anycase, they failed us stating that the tire flares did not cover the entire tire and the mudflaps did not flap low enough.

The particular Pep Boy that I was dealing with said something like:

“My brother just ordered some extenders and flaps for his Jeep and they look pretty sweet”.

In fairness, he did say it peppily. 

I gave him my sob story to no avail, so I did what any good upstanding citizen would do and tried to go to another testing station.  Unfortunately, they could not test our car as it popped up on their computer that we’d failed elsewhere. 

Bummer.  They did pretty much say they would have passed it, and were also kind enough to point out that there is a number you can call to complain and that BY LAW a highway patrol officer has to come and inspect the vehicle.

Figuring that if we have to pay to redo this operation, we might as well drag it out as much as possible, we called.  Of course, they tried to tell us just to get the work done, but we prevailed in getting the UHP to our door. 

The officer, let’s call him Officer Rad, said that although we didn’t quite comply with the full standards set forth by the law, it was clear that we were attempting to comply and that he would never pull someone over for such things and that the testers need to “be reasonable”.  Ultimately, we got our pass!!

There it is folks, don’t give in, or back down.  Although the odds are slim, there are times where you can fight the power and win.

I would like to dedicate this victory to my baby mama.


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