#1 Super Tri Guy


Picture courtesy of Jared Eborn.  Thanks for all your help, man.  You still owe me lunch though!


Saying hi to the girls.


Cross style remount.  Even if my technique sucks, I still passed a good three people before getting to the pavement.

So, yeah, I managed a new experience today, venturing into the world of triathlon at the Telos Turkey Tri.  It was pretty fun to try something different and nice to have it so close to home.  I rode my bike to the start, which was only maybe 6 miles or so from home.  Kelly, the girls, and Kelly’s brother Jeff met me there, so I had a cheering section.  Jared was kind enough to give me some pointers before the start, despite that we had lunch riding on the result. There were about 460 people pre-reg’d and, so I’m guessing around 500 total-ish.  Because of the time of the year, they ran it dyslexic- run, bike, swim.  On the other hand, we lucked out with temps in the 60’s and low wind.  Beats snow!!

The run was a painful 5k.  I tried to take off with the fast guys, and got maybe 500 meters with them before realizing I was over my head.  I pretty much lost ground from there to the finish.  I got “chicked” 3X and was probably 30th or so overall.

The bike was a different story.  Two laps of 5 mile course.  It was pretty weird as I thought I could make up a ton of time in the corners, but they were all super tight with only one lane and lots of varied ability levels riding 3 abreast.  It was tough to tell where you were with the people a lap down and everything, but I knew I didn’t get passed, and I was passing people consistently.  Apparently, I went pretty fast as I got back to transition and there was only one bike racked up.

I ran over to the pool and boy, oh boy, am I lucky it was a pool swim.  Yeah, swimming at some point in my “preparation” probably would have been good.  I was lucky to have  a lap lead+ on 3rd at the start of the swim because I sucked it up pretty bad.  Unbeknownst to me, Kelly, and Jeff were up in the viewing area above the pool and they said it looked like I was just slapping at the water, and that I was faster when I did the “breast stroke”.  I also walked briefly at one point while in the shallow end. 

In any case, I got through it without getting passed and was pretty stoked on 2nd for my first time.  I checked the age groups, and the top 3 in my age group were the top 3 overall.

The moral of the story is that it’s good to try something new once in awhile.  I’ll probably do some more next year, though when my sister (and full scale triathlete) said it was good to have another triathlete in the family, I could help wincing a little.  Pretty sure I’ll always be a cyclist at heart!  For now, time to rack the TT bike for the year!


4 thoughts on “#1 Super Tri Guy

  1. I am thinking about trying a tri some time. I can’t really run, I bike sorta good and I can’t swim. But it would be a fun change, like you said. You can’t rack the TT bike! You need to do all your base miles on it this winter.. Atleast that’s what I do. Soon I’ll be able to ride 5-6 hrs in the TT position no prob. Maybe that’ll help me to do a Ironman someday.

  2. We are more alike than you know. I got second in my first tri too. Did you “win the bike”? I’m not as fast as Norm anymore, but I bet the three of us would dominate bike portion of a tri…

    Sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read about your water slapping and walking in the shallow end. WALKING? unreal. cracking up.

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