We’re not on a “cycling trip”, but this is a cycling blog, so with that in mind, I got in 90 minutes of sweet singletrack shreddination yesterday.  In shorts.  On the cross bike, of course.  I’d like to do more of this whole mountain bike thing, really.  It was unreal and it would have been pretty easy for me to keep going. 

It’s a little sad though as this is usually the only time Kelly and I go mountain biking and she’s too prego to make mtn. biking any fun.  So that’s a little bit of a bust because it’s pretty much a highlight of the year when we go.

Anyway, in the afternoon we went on a really scenic hike that followed the Oak Creek up in the Canyon.  It was ideal with pretty minimal elevation gain and the kids did great.  There was about 5 creek crossings and Haley managed to stay dry (save her feet), so that was a miracle in itself.

Otherwise, things have been pretty low-key.  Lots of time at the park, lazy mornings, out to pizza last night -when in Sedona, visit Picasso’s.

Today we are supposed to visits some Sinagua indian ruins, and we’ll see what other adventures await.

On the negative tip, the race in Vegas was cancelled, so that’s a bust.


3 thoughts on “Sedona

  1. I’m so BUMMED about the race. I really wanted to spend an extra three hours in the car, plus another two or three extra hours of hanging out in Vegas chasing the kids around. Too bad.

    No…all honesty, I would have done it…yeah, for you baby! But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little relieved.

    Sorry about the race, babe…I know you were pumped for it.

  2. I’m impressed that you are updating on vacation – so dedicated. My many, many fans will have to wait until I get home for a blog update. Now, if I have anything further to say, I will just walk across the room to tell you in person.

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