Calling All Cars

First off, we will have a dream team for 2010.  That said, yes, I am getting desperate!  We have unparalleled industry support for 2010, but are well short of our projected budget.  I am asking for help securing title and supporting sponsors to ensure the continued success of this program.

The mission of the team is to identify talented young riders in the state of Utah and to allow those talents to develop their abilities at the highest level.  We need your help to accomplish this goal!

 2009 was the first year of the team’s existence, and we managed over 15 Pro 1-2 wins in 5 states, had over half of the development team upgrade to category 1, and one rider has moved on to the professional ranks and the US National Team.  The team’s average age was 24, including management.  

I can send a more detailed proposal to anyone interested and you can find more info at

Any questions, hit me up at


10 thoughts on “Calling All Cars

  1. Unfortunately young man, your racing age is identical to mine since you and I were both born in (dare I say it) 1974. Consequently, you DO increase the average age on Turbo team as I do. And it’s not very cool to bring Gardie into this, he is internet-inept so he can’t defend himself.

  2. Age we have no control over (short of ending it all) whereas being an internerd is completely voluntary. Gardie wins, either way.

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