What’s crack-a-lackin.

Not so much.  The big storm that hit O-town for the cross race today seems to have completely avoided Pee-town.  I never thought this would bum me out, but I guess after 6 years, I am buying into this whole Utah thing.  I am pretty sure I’ll be over it by March.  Or Feb.  Possibly by the New Year.

On that note, went looking at ski boots with Jeff today.  For the unitiated, Jeff is my bro-ha-in-law.  He is 20 and has a full scruffy beard right now.  The sales guy asked Jeff if I am his dad.  Nice!!   I must be looking older faster.  Plus, I had Haley with me, which makes for a good span between kids.

Further to that note, does anyone have some ski poles they are eager to rid themselves of?  That is the last piece to my ski puzzle and I need to close that window in the next few days, so I can crush the world of night skiing from the word GO!!!.

Ripped the BST on the cross bike for a bit today.  Flatted and rim rode my carbon clinchers over to Racer’s as my CO2 was flat busted.  I am not recommending it, of course, but it’s not the first time and there was no damage.


One thought on “What’s crack-a-lackin.

  1. Remember the time I was with Jeff at UVU and the counselor thought I was his mother…MOTHER! I will never get over that one! So you’re not alone, oldie.

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