I said below about not getting snow is no longer valid.

My new pre-breakfast metabolism kicker-off-er is snow shoveling.  Woken up each of the last three days to a few new inches of frosh pow-wow.  A few inches isn’t so bad, but as there has not been  a break, it’s begining to add up.  The commute has been hellish as everyone relearns how to drive on snow. 

At least, Sundance will be in good shape for opening day on Friday.  Looks like night skiing doesn’t start until the 21st though.  Boo.  Hiss.

What’s funny is all the so cal guys on FB/Twitter whining about how it’s only 40 when they go to train at 5am.  Gotta get your 30 hour weeks in December, so you can be ready to race 90 minute crits from Feb to June, and then quit for the year.  Sorry, that was not directed at anyone, just something I’ve noticed!

On a completely unrelated topic, Haley decided to ditch the first 20 minutes of school yesterday and hang out in the snowy field next to the school and look for horses.  I am making light of it, but seriously, she got off the bus and did not go to class.  You would think that 5 year olds would be directed the right way.  Instead she spent a half hour wandering around before getting cold and going in.  No one “found” her, she just wandered in.  What if she hadn’t?  I realize that she should have gone to class, but again, she’s 5 and I’m a more than a little concerned that no one directed her where to go.  Not sure more we can do beyond explaining to her that she needs to go straight into the school.


5 thoughts on “Whatever…

  1. THE HORROR! The bad part here is I’m going to sound like a Republican.

    The other part is parenting advice from me.

    Now that I’ve qualified what a bad thing it is to listen to me. Don’t expect school to teach or guide your children.

    It’s more like a Field of Land mines, for you to teach your kid to manage their way through. Most the teaching should be done by parents.

    And too many schools here, are either Babysitting, or a place for people to learn conformity. I’m not sure you would want your children to be “The Median” Utah child.

    Education comes from the Parents.

  2. I heard that, and yet, I can’t be there to take her from the bus to the classroom. I can tell, but I can’t be there. I do expect that the school will have a monitor of some sort to ensure that kids (esp. the young ‘uns) make it into the building. If they are “babysitting”, as you say, they are not doing a very good job of it.

  3. I feel bad, I said something. I didn’t want to belittle their responsibility. It’s messed up, and they messed up. They should hear the Riot act from you both, I know if your child did something wrong, you would hear about it from them.

    Much of it is must my pessimistic attitude; If something needs to be done, I need to do it. Counting on anyone else is a mistake, was the point. It’s not like I have the answer to your dilemma.

    As a Broader Example, there are no shortage of High School Graduates who are Functionally Illiterate.

    As a Parent, I would think it would be a good thing to know that, there is still a strong role for a parent in their child’s education.

    But I agree, they could at least not let her wander around the neighborhood.

    I guess some of this comes from what a Latch Key kid I was, I kind of wish my parents spent more time Guiding me in Elementary and Secondary School. Since I was so smart, that sitting there Bored the Crap out of me for 12 years. All about me huh!

    And when I was 5 or 6, I skipped the Bus and Just went home. Maybe I didn’t quite understand why I had to sit in a chair for 5 hours and listen to some woman go “A…..A……A….. A……. B…… B……. B…”(I think I got it the first time or 2)

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