Good and Bad

The evening started off so well… I got home from work and Jeff invited me to go to employee ski night at Sundance.  I was, like, his 15th choice, but, you know, free skiing, so I swallowed my pride and joined him.  For the record, this was our 2nd bro-date of the week as he came to our company holiday party/bowl-a-thon on Friday.  Folks may get the wrong idea about us. 

Anyway, it was rad.  I figured I’d be able to rent or borrow poles when we got there as I am still without, but I figured wrong.  I thought skiing without poles would be harder, but it wasn’t so bad.  Yes, I’d use them if I had the choice, but I could get down the hill alright.  We got 4 runs in.  I am digging my new equipment. 

Free loco cocoa and we were on the way back home.  This is where it got ugly.  No, Kelly, did not kick my ass for leaving her pregnant self home with the kids, although I would have deserved it. 

This is going to be a tough winter for her. 

Anyway, what actually happened… whatever Morgan and Jeff had like two weeks ago (we suspect norovirus), Haley got.  It was barf city pretty much all night.  Kelly is such a trooper.  I mean, she was not stoked, but she took care of Haley all night and told me to get some sleep as I had to work in the morning.  I mean, if you know the size and lay-out of our house, there’s not much sleep going on, but still.  Here she is, knocked up and all and I’m in bed.  Guilt is appropriate, but there’s no way Kelly was going to sleep. 

Making it even more a bust, Haley’s class was doing a “holiday” thing today and Kelly was supposed to come in and read a story.  Haley was super amped to have mom at school, meeting her friends, etc.  Poor kid!  Also, Kelly has a ton of Christmas stuff left to do and now today is pretty much a write-off.  I won’t deny it, she pretty much does everything for the Christmas prep for our fam-bam. 

Anybody, who stumbles on this blog today is going to think I am a total schlub.  Let’s see, left your prego wife with kids to go skiing, then went home and slept while she cleaned up barf all night.  Plus, she does all the work around the house and prep for Christmas. 

 “Wow, you ARE a catch!”. 

Yes, it does not sound equitable, but I swear I’m not such a bad guy!! 

Anyway, assuming she stays on track with Morgan and Jeff, today should be a low-key recovery day for Haley and then she should be pretty much back on track.


5 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. Yeah, that’s right!! Like when you need someone to leave and go ride their bike for a really long time. I am perfect for that.

  2. Taking the dogs out, reading bedtime stories, getting up early on weekends, general rough-housing… I am not completely useless. Even gave Haley a bath last night. Lots of room for improvement though!

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