Night Skiing

Hit up the ‘Dance for opening night last night.  It was pretty dead, which was nice.  Kinda makes me nervous, like “maybe they won’t do night skiing in the future if it’s too quiet”, but then… snow storm expected today, so a lot of people probably just put it off and then you gotta figure Friday and Saturday will probably be the big nights.  And that works for me because those are my least likely nights.

Jeff went with me.  I gotta give it up to the guy.  He worked (at Sundance) all day, pretty much had a rough day- trying to teach a 3 year old to ski can’t be easy, esp. when the kid doesn’t speak english!!  Anyway, he went home, had dinner and still jumped in the car to head back up the hill with me.

It was a little icey-dicey, but still fun and I got a lot better in the short time we were there.  The steeper runs that I started off just sliding sideways down or sliding, stop, turn, stop, turn, stop… you get the idea… I ended with being able to actually sort of continually ski down, so you know, progress.  There are a few runs that are not lit, that were completely empty.  RAD.  Everything is better in the dark.  Maybe not everything.

Anyway, I should probably give it up to Kelly now, as this whole night skiing pass idea was hers.  She knows I struggle with winter, and this is definitely helping.  She struggles too, and me being gone in the evening doesn’t make it easier, so I really appreciate it. 

Utah is pretty rad.  The air was crap yesterday and it was cold, but the roads are clear.  I could have ridden as long as I wanted.  Instead I worked a full day (11 hours door-to-door), got a ride in at lunch,  had time to get almost 3 hours of skiing in and still had dinner with the family.  I don’t think there’s too many places you can do that.


3 thoughts on “Night Skiing

  1. I have kind of an unorthodox approach whereby I stay awake Mon-Fri and then sleep the whole weekend. It gets hard towards the end of the week, but the first few days are super productive.

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